Cleaning Your Carpets

cleaning your carpets after a floodCleaning your carpets may not be on your list of favorite things to do, but it’s a necessary part of home ownership for a multitude of health and financial reasons. Beyond the regular vacuuming, deep cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet, remove trapped pollutants & dust mites, prevent mildew and so much more. Humans and pets track moisture into houses on a daily basis. A simple tip is to always remove your shoes before entering your home.

If you have kids, you might wind up with gum stuck to the fibers of your carpet. An easy trick is to fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and freeze the gum. Carefully scrape with a butter knife and blot the area. If this trick doesn’t work, it might be time for a professional.

Stains – we all have the urge to grab a towel and scrub our rugs as soon as a spill or accident occurs. That glass of wine, a sick child or a pet still in potty training can cause immediate panic as we fear the eventual stain on such an expensive investment such as carpet. Grab the towel, but use it to blot the area instead of scrubbing. Carpet fibers are tightly wound and heat sealed, so a thorough scrubbing can cause instant damage.

One of the most common errors that are made when cleaning your carpet is over watering. Soaking your carpet in water while trying to use a home carpet cleaning system can create a breeding ground for mold and can actually ruin your flooring. Our method of professional carpet cleaning uses super heated water without harsh chemicals. We use a truck mounted cleaning system at Empire Roofing and Restoration that is PH-Balanced to ensure that no residue remains on your carpet. Our state of the art equipment breaks up dirt, grim and even mold without damaging your rugs or soaking your floor. It also effectively removes odors from pets, smoke, cooking and other foul smells.

Before hiring a professional, there are a couple questions you might want to ask. “How long have you been in business?” “Do you vacuum before you clean the carpets?” As a company that has been in business since 1990, you can trust us. And yes, we always vacuum before! Our high powered vacuums remove trapped pollutants and special shampooing formula kills bacteria. Give us a call for a quick response to any carpet cleaning needs.