Common Roofing Installation Mistakes

Roofing Installation Mistakes to Avoid

common roofing installation mistakes

Shingle roofing success is extremely dependent upon the quality of the roof installation. When you hire a trusted roofer to handle your roofing installation from asphalt shingles to Business Flat Roof installation you are investing in the quality and longevity of your roofing system.  Here are some common roofing installation mistakes.

With shingle roofing, it can provide your home or business with years of protection, but it can also fail prematurely if the workmanship is faulty.

The first problem is Improper Moisture Protection
Frequently, roof leaks result from a failure to install the proper moisture barriers that go underneath your asphalt shingles. First, your local roofer should remove all of the old felt/underlayment to inspect the roof decking for any rot or other damage and install a new 15lb felt at minimum. Empire Roofing and Restoration uses synthetic felt on all roofs. 30lb felt or a synthetic felt should be used under tile roofing for the weight and movement of the tiles. Double felt is required by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department on roofs that have a pitch under 4/12 and above 2/12 because water does not shed as fast on low pitched roofs.

If your roof is below a 2/12 pitch your underlayment should be a glass mat gypsum board at minimum of 1/4” and either Modified Bitumen or rubber roof membrane (EPDM) should be applied over the glass mat gypsum board with drip edge flashing all of the way around per code. Another underlayment that should be applied is ice and water shield. This is only required by Pikes Peak Regional Building for properties that sit about 7000’ and should go 2’ passed the interior wall of the dwelling on the eaves only to help prevent ice damning and water damage.

When a roofer takes shortcuts with moisture barriers, water can seep underneath shingles from blowing winds or ice dams. In severe cases, it can even penetrate and damage the interior of your home.

The second problem is reusing old flashing
Roofing Contractors should not reuse old flashing to protect your roof. Even if the flashing around your pipes, vents and fascia board may look serviceable, there is always a possibility that it has been punctured or damaged. New flashing is not super expensive compared to the cost of a new roof! Don’t pay thousands for new asphalt shingles and then cut corners to save a few hundred dollars new flashing. Safeguard your investment of your new roof installation by insisting upon all new flashing.

The third problem is improper nailing
We receive calls from frustrated homeowners whose shingles are falling off. Many times, this is due to improper nailing.

When nails are under- or over-driven, or installed in the wrong location, shingles can shift, blow off or buckle. A good roofing contractor should carefully nail shingles to the roof using manufacturer’s recommendations for type/number of nails etc. Proper nailing ensures a tight seal between the shingle and the decking, which prevents leaks and shingles blowing off.

Make sure you hire the right Colorado Springs Roofing Contractor
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