Have Your Carpets Cleaned Before the Holidays!

holiday carpet cleaning colorado springs

Have your carpet cleaned before the holidays!

Traditions for the Winter holiday offer many chances to show off your beautiful home. Adding decorations before gathering with friends is a fun way to celebrate this special time of year. But why not step that up a notch?
Make sure that your house looks its best before company arrives. Give yourself the gift of a pre-holiday upholstery or carpet cleaning.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is also the Busiest Time of the Year

During the holidays, you may be busy shopping for presents, wrapping up projects at work, attending parties and social functions. We can help you get your house holiday-ready, by providing a quick carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in a matter of hours.

There is no doubt that clean, odor-free carpets help your home look and smell its holiday best.

During the holidays our homes should be filled with the scent of evergreen, apple cider or fresh-baked cookies. We all love our pets, but sometimes their odors and stains mess up our carpets and prevent flooring from looking and smelling clean. So ensure that holiday guests will admire your decorations rather than your stained or dingy carpets.  A professional carpet cleaning can restore your carpets to like new condition as new while eliminating pet odor.

Clean Your Home before the Holiday

Before visitors and Santa arrive and load up your family with presents, why not make sure your home base is clean. With all the unwrapping and toy assembly taking place, you may not have proper access to your flooring again until January!

Spruce up the Bathrooms for Holiday Guests

If you have guests planning to stay with you, you’ll want to make sure the bathrooms are sparkling clean.

Get a Jump on Erasing the Effects of Winter Before Spring Arrives

Winter is typically a muddy, rainy season in Colorado Springs. If you want to get a jump on spring cleaning this year, schedule a carpet cleaning to eliminate the dirt and debris tracked into your house. After dragging your seasonal decorations up from the basement, or bringing a live holiday tree inside your home, you’ll find plenty of dust, glitter and pine needles lying around the house. A professional cleaning service is the best way to eliminate the effects of winter and the holidays before spring arrives.