Wind Damage Repair – Roof Damage January 2017 from Hurricane Strength Wind Storms –

wind damage repair in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Wind Damage Repair.

Oh Wow, those were some crazy windstorms we had last week! Hurricane strength winds can cause severe damages to roofs and to other parts of your home. After experiencing severe winds the first thing you will want to do is assess the damage that may have occurred to your home. When assessing your roof you may see missing shingles or tiles, this alone does not constitute an unprotected roof.  You may have missing tiles or shingles, however if your felt paper or underlayment is intact, generally your roof is still protected from the elements.  When inspecting areas that are missing tiles or shingles, you should look to see if the felt paper or protective layer is torn, ripped or missing.  As long as the protective paper is intact, your roof should still have the ability to protect against the elements. When we are receiving calls for wind damage repair after such a storm we have to first get crews out to the homes or businesses that are deemed an emergency.

When the felt or underlayment covering is missing or open, or in extreme cases there is nothing protecting a home from the elements such as a flat roof we came across this last week where the wind actually flipped the roof up onto itself so the tenants could see daylight while standing inside of their homes; these are the jobs we have to deem as emergencies and prioritize them as we receive them. When we get these calls we send a crew out to either tarp the exposed area or perform an emergency repair that will make the home water tight until we are able to come back at a later time to provide the permanent repair. If the felt or underlayment is in tact and we were to tarp the area it can actually cause more harm then good because it is putting additional holes in existing material.

If your home does not fit the guidelines of an emergency we will get you on our schedule for an estimator to come out and give you a proposal for repair or possibly replacement of your roof as well as any other repairs you may need to your home such as windows, siding or fences.  After you have received our proposal of work and accepted the terms we will then put you in the queue to get your repair done. This queue goes in order of when we received the signed proposal back from you, it is important to remember that as long as we have deemed your roof as watertight and there is no evidence of plywood showing through then there is no need for an emergency repair and other then being a bit of an eye sore your roof is still able to serve its main purpose.

As a result of this catastrophic windstorm we have received several calls from customers who had their roofs replaced in the last 2 months following the July hailstorm. They are asking if the roof was installed correctly. That is a good question, and we understand their concern. It is our standard practice that we inspect every home that we were contracted to reroof, that suffered wind damage, to make sure the shingles where installed and fastened correctly.

Upon inspection, if it is found that roof was not installed per all requirements to include manufacturer recommendations Empire Roofing and Restoration will take proper steps to fulfill all required warranties on job. We have always installed our shingles 6 nails per shingle. It is not code, but it is our way of protecting your home until the shingles seal. We have been in business a long time, and seen a lot of wind storms, and have found that this system will keep roofs intact until they seal in 90% of all high wind occurrences. Then there are situations like the windstorm on 1/9/2017, where all of the news outlets classified it as “hurricane force winds” and we are unable to classify these as a warranty because according to the manufacturers standards they are not covered.Colorado Springs Wind Damage