The Rains are Coming, the Rains are Coming! Protect Your Investment!

Flood Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

flooding and water damage restoration in colorado springsFlash floods are right around the corner! Your home/ business is your investment and protecting it should be your top priority. Take the necessary steps to prevent flood water damage from happening during these rainstorms. We provide the ultimate flood water damage restoration in Colorado Springs.

Check gutters and drainage systems to ensure that they are clear of all debris, and make sure to extend downspouts to divert water away from the house. Install sump pumps in you basement to stop ground water from coming up, if you already have a sump pump make sure it’s working properly. Battery operated pumps are a better alternative because they will remain working even when the power goes out. Anchor the fuel tanks to prevent them from being lifted by water and spilling.

If your yard slopes toward the house you should consider installing French drains around the structure to catch the water before it has a chance to penetrate. Also, check your foundation for cracks and holes as water can find its way through and cause costly damage. Cracks can be filled with a masonry caulking or hydraulic cement, but take the extra step to seal all of your walls and floors with a brush-on water proof sealant.


water damage restoration
Be sure to keep contents in plastic totes with covers instead of cardboard boxes to keep them safe from water damage. Typically homeowners insurance does not cover damages related to outside water and you would need to purchase separate flood insurance for those instances. Check your policy and inquire with your agents before its too late.

Have your roof inspected to make sure they are tight and ready to take on the rain. Inspect all windows to make sure they are caulked and that trim boards are not rotted as water can work its way in and wreak havoc on your home or business. No one wants to be displaced because of damage, its disruptive to your every day life and could cause you to lose money if its your place of business.

flood damage restoration in colorado springsIn the event of damage due to flooding Empire Roofing and Restoration can handle all of your water removal, restoration and reconstruction needs. We can also assist in taking the steps needed to prevent water intrusion and would be happy to inspect your property and discuss possible solutions.