Water Damage Drying After an Emergency

water damage dryingIn a water damage or flooding emergency situation, there are four basic principles of water damage drying out a home or business.

The first on our list is removing excess water.  This is where we carefully and thoroughly extract the water, which will speed up the drying process. We use professional extraction equipment to remove all surplus water from the area.  It’s possible that a sump pump might also be used to remove any standing water.  Then we follow up with mopping all hard surfaces.

Evaporation is another key element.  Any water that cannot be removed by mopping, wiping, or extraction will need to be evaporated. Evaporation is changing water from its liquid state to a vapor and it is the slowest part of the drying process. Much of our efforts as restorers will be concentrated on controlling the rate of evaporation.  We are lucky to live in Colorado, a dry state where drying can happen much quicker than in some other areas of the country.  But remember, house flooding and more specifically basement flooding is a real possibility.

Dehumidification.  After the liquid water is converted to vapor, it can be removed by dehumidification. To do this we use mechanical dehumidifiers or we vent the moist air to the exterior of building.  The length of time this takes can depend on the time of year.  Moisture rides on air currents, so in warmer weather the air carries more moisture than in cooler temperatures.

And finally there is temperature control.  Dehumidifiers have a certain temperature range in which it operates most effectively. Controlling both the temperature of the air in the structure and the temperature of wet surfaces can significantly accelerate evaporation and de-humidification.  We are professionally trained to know when a structure is properly dried out.  Improper drying can lead to materials retaining water.  If this happens, the structure is more susceptible to mold damage, rotting wood, warping and swelling.  The last thing you want in your home is toxic black mold.

Water Damage Drying and De-humidification after flooding.