Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

Fire and smoke damage can disrupt lives and are always unexpected. Empire Roofing and Restoration utilizes a wide array of technologies to help in our mitigation efforts and we use every portion of that technology to your advantage.
​You can count on Empire Roofing and Restoration to complete cleaning, deodorization and reconstruction.Fire and Smoke Damage Services include:

  • Ventilate property
  • Demolition: Remove the source of the odor, as needed, including unsalvageable debris that contributes to odor generation and re-contamination of cleaned and deodorized areas (i.e.: scorched drywall or insulation).
  • Clean from top to bottom. Start with the ceilings, walls and fixtures, and work your way down to the contents of the room, then to the floor.
  • Clean salvageable surfaces and items to physically remove odor-causing residue.
  • Chase remaining odor with an odor countereactant. In the case of smoke, create a deodorizing fog or gas (ozone/hydroxyl) that seeks out and combines with odor-causing substances.
  • Seal Salvageable surfaces, including areas that are inaccessible or slightly scorched, not only for aesthetic purposes, but primarily to encapsulate odor and prevent progressive re-contamination.
  • Inventory of restorable and non-salvageable items.
  • Rebuild as necessary
  • Clean salvageable items at our facility and store until rebuild is complete

Contents Restoration
Severe damage to a building (from firewater and storms) can also damage personal property and equipment, causing critical downtime and loss of income.

We can inspect affected personal property and make recommendations so that the right financial decisions can be made.  Many variables affect the feasibility of restoration versus replacement and we can coordinate these decisions with the property owner and insurance company.

Our contents restoration procedure includes:

  • Inventory all items inside a property
  • Cleaning and deodorizing the items
  • Relocating and storing the items until the building is ready to re-occupy
  • Bringing the items back to the property and setting them up

​For more information, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Empire Roofing and Restoration, a locally owned Colorado company for over 25 years.

fire and smoke damage in Colorado Springs

Fire and Smoke Damage in Colorado Springs