Emergency Mitigation Services – Water Damage

Our team will immediately locate the source” of water or water intrusion point and ensure that it is contained to prevent as much damage as possible. We will assess the damage and determine if it is safe for you or others to occupy the building. ” Often times the amount of work needing done can be very invasive to you or your family. We at Empire don’t want to cause you any further struggle during this process so we will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable with the work that needs to take place. We will take readings on the structure in the affected areas and the unaffected areas to make sure that our drying equipment is performing to standard.
Once the readings are done we will set our equipment to get the elevated moisture levels under control. The equipment could include but is not limited to fans, dehumidifiers, or negative air exhaust fans depending on the type of water damage within the structure.Extraction
This piece of the puzzle is crucial to the dry out process. It is proven to drastically increase the speed at which we can dry the structure and get things back to normal for you.  Our technician ns are highly trained with
state of the art equipment we use and are very proficient at their job. Extraction usually doesn’t take long but will save days of drying time when coupled with the demolition and dry out process.Demolition
Our Professional Mitigation Team will arrive promptly at your home or business to begin removing all affected homogeneous materials. Sometimes the materials affected by the water damage can be dried in place, other times they cannot.  That’s when demolition must be completed to ensure there is no potential for Microbial growth. We assure you that we will not remove any materials that can be dried in place unless instructed to do so by you or the insurance company.Dry Out
The dry out process must be completed with attention and precision. On day 1 of the job, our technicians will arrive with all necessary equipment to properly get the excess moisture and humidity under control to avoid secondary damage. Upon completion of the demolition we will set additional equipment to address the exposed wet framing.
We will track the progress of the dry out every step of the way to ensure maximum effect with the amount of equipment that is set

Clean up
When Empire Restoration and Remodeling is complete with the extraction, demolition, and dry out we will make sure that the structure is clean and free of debris caused by the loss. We can also clean your carpet, upholstery, furniture, and recoverable personal items to pre loss condition with soft and hard goods cleaning and laundering.

Our trained technicians will identify offensive odors and eliminate them at the source. Odor elimination and removal is done by removing the source of the odor not just by masking it or covering it up. When an odor is masked, it will eventually return. The methods we use will
completely remove the odor from the structure. Some of the methods include but are not limited to Antimicrobial Solutions, Ozone Machines, Hydroxyl Generators, Air Scrubbers, and Thermal Fogging or Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogging. Each situation we encounter is different and will be handled in accordance with the industry standards and guidelines that we adhere to. Deodorization is usually the final step to the restoration process, meaning after the reconstruction is finished, but in most cases steps are taken throughout the job process to eliminate the odors as well.

This is the final stage of the process with Empire Roofing and Restoration. In most situations, once the demolition is complete, a highly trained estimator will schedule a time to come by and gather the data to write you and your insurance company a solid reconstruction estimate.  The reason we wait until now to write the estimate is so the estimator can see the job while there is exposed framing or bare floors etc. This helps in the deduction process so there is nothing missed when they return to the shop and begin the estimate. There are unforeseen circumstances, as there is in any line of work, that may present themselves during this process. Don’t worry. We will work with you during this process to ensure you are satisfied with the job before we finish completely.


Category 1 water is usually considered to be a clean water loss depending on the amount of time it sets untouched.  It includes but is not limited to water from a supply line inside the home like from a toilet, sink or ice maker. If the leak is caught quickly and stopped, in most cases, the demolition will be minimal. There are circumstances that make demolition unavoidable such as water comes from above and the ceiling is falling down, or the water saturated a wood floor and is buckled beyond repair.

Category 2 water is considered to be slightly contaminated and is often referred to as “grey water”. This type of water can come from multiple places in the home. A couple points of intrusion include but are not limited to dirty dishwater, dirty water from the washing machine, or a sink overflow that contains food or soap.

The source of water and what the water contains are important because it lets the restorers know what materials will need to be removed in order to mitigate the potential for secondary damage. When the water contains bacteria or other contaminates the potential for microbial growth grows exponentially.

Category 3 water is generally classified as “black water”. It is grossly contaminated with all sorts of bacteria and potential blood born pathogens.  This level of contamination is usually caused by sewage back up, a broken fish tank, toilet overflow, or a ground water intrusion. There are other ways in which water can be categorized as category 3. If there is a clean water loss and it sets for a period not less than 48 hours, it can degrade to a category 3 loss based on the potential for bacterial contact in the suspect materials. Also, if the materials that the water affects is contaminated with excess dirt and debris, urine, or feces it can immediately be a category 3 loss.