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Your gutters are an important part of home maintenance and prevent damage to your house or building.  Having improperly installed gutters might bring water back inside that can cause rot damage to exterior doors and windows.  The water can also harm landscaping and the foundation, all leading to expensive repair work.

RESIDENTIAL: Maintaining the outside of your home can have several benefits beyond just extending the life of your roof.

Costly repairs:  Your gutters primary function is the channel water away from your home, especially the foundation.  In order to prevent costly repairs they need to be maintained to keep free of clogs, sags in the gutters and holes.  Clogged guttersare the most common problem. An inspection can quickly tell you if repair is necessary or if it is simply cleaning that is needed.

Curb appeal: It is said that first impressions are everything and the gutters on your home are a big part of that first feeling.  Along with landscaping and a new coat of paint, attractive gutters can add to your overall curb appeal.

Resale Value: Timeworn, cracked or defective gutters will look like a sign of neglect.  Simple repair or replacement can add to the resale value of your home and help show that you have done everything possible to maintain the structure.

Options: Empire Roofing and Restoration can install 5 and 6 inch gutters in either steel or aluminum. The steel gutters come in your choice of 20 different pre-painted colors.

An advantage of steel gutters is they are more durable, the color lasts longer and they stand up better to hail, which we experience often in Southern Colorado.
Keep your home safe with new gutters or gutter repair from the experts at Empire Roofing and Restoration.

When it comes to gutters, commercial systems and residential are not the same. The materials do have similarities, but sizes, styles and durability requirements differ.  Normally, commercial buildings also have different legal or building code requirements.  The requirements depend on city or county regulations and the staff at Empire Roofing and Restoration know these prerequisites.

With commercial gutters, a U shape that allows more water volume might be necessary.  That is why box gutters are frequently used in commercial installations. The U shaped gutter gives additional protection for larger buildings with higher water run-off.  Installing gutter guards will help prevent debris from collecting in these larger sized gutters.

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