Home Insurance Claims in Colorado Springs

How home insurance claims work and the steps you will need to take:

After a storm or suspected roof damage, resist the urge to climb up a ladder to do your own inspection.  Do NOT walk on your roof!  Let a professional look for torn, missing or broken shingles or roof holes. For waterfire or smoke damage, please see our pages on those specific problems under the restoration tab. We will walk you a roof damage home insurance claim.

First call Empire Roofing and Restoration to schedule an inspector to come out to your property to see if you do indeed have enough damage to justify a claim.  The inspection is FREE.  One of the most common mistakes most homeowners make is calling the insurance company first.  If they find no damage, then you have a claim on your policy and this leads to higher premiums.
If the estimator finds enough damage, he or she will recommend you call your insurance agent for an inspection and to report on the extent of the damage to the structure.  At that point, your insurance agent will authorize any temporary repairs that are needed to prevent any further damage to your property.

Examples of temporary repairs:

  • Simple plastic sheet coverings using roofing nails to secure the plastic around the roof hole.
  • Roof patches with tar paper or roofing felt, applied with a trowel grade roofing plastic cement.

Be sure to keep all of your receipts for any emergency temporary repairs you purchase and use prior to your inspector arriving.  Items like wood, nails, cement blocks, sandbags and plastic covering.  Do NOT make any permanent repairs until your insurance adjuster has had the opportunity to assess all of the damage incurred.

After you have called your agency, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to your claim and an appointment will be made to inspect the damage.  Once he or she has completed the inspection you will receive a claim sheet outlining the scope of the damage and the amount of the funds that will be available for repairs.
The staff of Empire Roofing and Restoration has extensive experience in working with all of the major insurance companies in our area.  Please feel free to call on us to help you with this process and to make it as easy as possible.
Beware of any roofer offering to pay your deductible or offering any sort of compensation for using them.  This is against the law.  Your claim will only cost you what your deductible is, plus any upgrades you chose.  We suggest you choose your roofer based on experience, customer service and years of experience in our area.

​Some other contractor hiring tips include:
Make sure the company has a permanent place of business with telephone number, tax identification number and occupational license.  A professional will have licenses readily available. Make sure the contractor is bonded and has proof of insurance.

Check with companies like the Better Business Bureau and online reviews for a good company track record for customer service, products used and an overall great experience.  A quality roofer will be able to provide references.
Be sure the contractor can provide a realistic manufacturer’s warranty and always insist on a written proposal before paying any money.
You can check on your roofer by contacting the BBB, and PPRBD.